Beta Launch


World Accelerator offers a unique opportunity to build a thriving business on the foundation of a natural brand. Each of the World Accelerator companies is led by a talented high energy team breathing life into these brands. It excites us to see their leadership, passion and vision and we are proud to work with them to help accelerate their success. is a driving technology innovating in the burgeoning Native Advertising space. is on a mission to free the world from annoying ads, by replacing them with relevant and consumable content.’s smart technology learns the look and feel of your site and naturally blends advertiser content with organic content. publishers enjoy industry leading click-through rates because web users are up to 200X more likely to click on relevant sponsored content than traditional ads.

The team’s mission is to connect you with care. Every day the team enhances the experience for users searching for a doctor at The team has already provided numerous innovations to the search experience making better and faster matches for users to their care. At the same time with over a million listed doctors and thousands actively registered, the team has been able to use their understanding of doctor search to deploy high value services for doctors looking to improve their presence online and provide better communication and scheduling with their patients. Thousands of appointments are scheduled through The brand is proud to be improving the health of all Americans one search at a time.
Visit to find a lawyer. This team has built a rich comprehensive directory and offers fast and easy ways to find a lawyer online. Search over 1.4 million lawyers in 138 practice areas. Thousands of lawyers have signed up for premium placement and more join every day. When you need a lawyer most, is there for you.
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