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What is World Accelerator?

World Accelerator is the first ever Domain Accelerator and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop a business based on prime Internet real estate. World Accelerator offers capital and mentorship like a typical accelerator. In addition, with ownership of 1000 tier one domains, World Accelerator is in a unique position to go a step further providing access to highly recognizable and brandable domains and an engaged audience. Over the last ten years, the cost and time needed to bring exciting and disruptive businesses to market has dramatically compressed. However, building credibility with customers, partners and your brand still takes time. World Accelerator changes this paradigm, turning it upside down as companies can now start with a powerful existing brand on day one.

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Where is World Accelerator located?

World Accelerator is a global platform. While we are based in midtown New York our teams and affiliated companies are headquartered in seven countries on 3 continents and our mentors are from all over the world. Please reach us via our Contact Us form.

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What do you look for in an applicant that would merit their acceptance in the World Accelerator?

Our recipe for success is simple. Great Idea + Great Team + Strong Plan + Right Brand. When all those align the business can launch with rocket fuel. As far as what we look for, it is important for our Great Teams to have focus, conviction, work-ethic, knowledge of their market and competitors and agile development. Our teams must be able to deploy value rapidly to take advantage of the growth they can see from the great brand. A Great Idea includes the size of the market and what is disruptive about the team’s plan or what is the unique value proposition. For a Strong Plan we look to understand their go to market and growth strategy and revenue and margin models. We would even go as deep as working with them to understand their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that they will be targeting. Finally, of course the clincher is in making sure all these elements can leverage and benefit from one of the World Accelerator brands.

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What are the steps in the application process?

The vetting process has several levels. First we review initial submissions which can come in from many sources – the web, our mentors, our market participants and several others that we are innovating on. From the group of submissions, a few stars will be invited into the formal application which is more comprehensive including a plan submission and in-person (or video conference) interviews. We have executed a dozen deals over the last 5 years. We have used those to model and refine our deeper application process for invited participants.

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How are deals on the domains structured? What equity do the teams get?

The entrepreneur is doing a tremendous amount of work and it is important that the structure provides equity interest and upside. We know the effort that it takes to “will” these businesses into existence and our program is designed from the ground up to ensure great alignment between the accelerator and the terrific development teams. It is crucial for success that the structure allows the development teams to have control and ownership over the brands that they will be developing. Once selected to participate in the accelerator the use of the brand takes on the form of a very attractive license to allow the entrepreneur time to use and build into the brand without burdening their growth. The brand is an enabler and will further help them accelerate their plans. As they build their business and meet their goals the entrepreneur or team can acquire the brand at a capped price in the future or some other payout structure. This is set upfront which means as they prove successful and if they exceed their plans they get the upside for all their efforts. For the capital contribution made by World Accelerator and for the use of the brand, World Accelerator gets ownership in the venture as a typical investor. The whole program allows for the right alignment where the entrepreneurs can enjoy the fruits of their hard work and all parties benefit from the use of the brand. Over the last 5 years we have done a dozen deals so we have some very good experience and metrics about what works and what does not work in the structure. That has really helped us prepare for the launch of the Accelerator program.

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You have stated “the World Accelerator program will offer access to capital and mentoring” Can you explain in more detail, shall World Media Group be investing their own capital into these projects or shall you seek funding together?

The short answer is both. As an accelerator, like other accelerators, we provide initial seed capital that can be used for additional growth. We have also participated in follow-on investments in portfolio companies as parts of larger rounds. However that is just a small part of our funding contribution. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience raising capital from a range of sources. We are well acquainted with the community of angel investors and venture capitalists and know how to find financing through seed funding, strategic debt, M&A and IPO’s. World Accelerator also works closely with our team to ensure they have the right story and a successful plan to access capital as needed.

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Who are the mentors in the World Accelerator program?

Our team is made up of serial entrepreneurs and investors that love building and seeing innovative businesses built. The team has experience at every stage of the business cycle including starting, growing, building, and selling companies. We have worked both as entrepreneurs and as venture capitalists and understand what it takes to build a company and finance for success. We have started and run a public company and raised over $250 million of start-up and growth capital and over a $1 billion of later stage capital for our own and other companies.

In addition, we have a terrific team of mentors that get excited about helping up and coming teams. Our mentors are from all over the world and include VC’s, serial entrepreneurs and angel investors who are leaders in their field with a proven track record of success to provide valuable mentorship for participants. We work to ensure a good balance of skills with our group of mentors. We take a lot of criteria into consideration including leadership skills, prior experiences, vertical expertise and an interest in entrepreneurship and helping others. You can see some of the mentors listed at our site in the ‘about us’ section. We are adding more mentors all the time.

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