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World Accelerator Benefits : Mentors


Along with a valuable domain name and investment capital, the ‘human’ capital of knowledge and experience is among the most important asset in a business’s success. Toward this end, World Accelerator offers a team of serial entrepreneurs, VC’s and angel investors who are leaders in their field with a proven track record of success to provide active, hands-on mentorship for participants. These mentors are eager to help you succeed.

In the final stages of the application process, you are matched with one or more mentors selected based on your company’s specific needs. Mentorship is an active process with regular meetings during your time with the accelerator. Work with your mentors to set milestones, brainstorm tactics/strategy and troubleshoot challenges.

With applicants and mentors from all over the world, we deploy coordinated web meeting technology to facilitate this communication. Our teams are accustomed to virtual collaboration so there is no learning curve needed to utilize the expertise offered by your mentors. As an added bonus, in the last month of your accelerator session we’ll fly you to New York to meet as a group.

World Accelerator is adding new mentors to its network all the time to ensure you will have access to the expertise you require to succeed. Our mentorship group is world class and committed to your success.