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World Accelerator Benefits : Involved Audience

Involved Audience

One of the unique benefits of the World Accelerator program is our ability to provide an engaged and involved audience at the outset of the business development process. Each month millions of visitors come to World Accelerator domain names even before developed. This is ‘crowd power’ and World Accelerator is the first accelerator to harness this tremendous resource and invite these users to also benefit from these great brands as ‘market participants’.

What does this mean to you?

Participants in World Accelerator will have access to this involved audience. Having such an engaged audience in place offers multiple benefits including rapid access to beta testers, a targeted market for feedback and a ready network for social media marketing. In turn, you can strengthen the loyalty of this self-selected market by offering user benefits such as access to free trials, early adopter specials or any offers you might typically reserve for friends and family committed to your success. This keeps this ready audience excited and engaged.